Wen kennst Du, wer hat dich bedient?
Schick ihr oder ihm eine Nachricht…

Julian - CEO

„loves to complain about the snow...“

Krista - the Cook

„our Heisenberg...“

Txell - the Allrounder

„our Jesse...“

Oscar - the DJ

„please, don't ask him to play something cool...“ Apparently DJs don't know what to do with that..

Denise - the Goth

„yes, she is into anime and that stuff...“

Lisa - the Wolf

„Just send her, she'll fix the problem“

Daniel - the Politician

„please ask him to wear a sombrero while working!"


„she ll get mad at you if you pronounce the name of a movie actor/actress wrong“

Sofia - the Princess

„...she'll deny it“

Mauricio - the Surfer